Simply the best – don’t just take our word for it, find out what our customers think.

Simply the best – don’t just take our word for it, find out what our customers think.

‘Thank you very VERY much. We really appreciate it!’


‘ I think I owe you a couple of favours after the short turn around on orders you have given us in the last month, enabling us to hit all our launches.’


I just had word that all of the [PRODUCTS] are now done and ready to be picked up. Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for getting these done so quickly. It is great!’


Thanks for going “the extra mile” for us once again!!’


‘I have no complaints or problems with ABS!!! Wish there were more like ABS for me to deal with!’


Many thanks to everyone for getting my blister packs over the line. I appreciate that it has not been a straight forward job and I appreciate your time and efforts on my behalf.’


‘Very reliable and flexible primary and secondary packaging facility. Keep up the good work!’


Thanks for the great service.’


‘Always Friendly & Willing. Really appreciate the quick turnarounds’


I am happy with the level of customer service provided by ABS’.


‘The services at ABS are excellent’.


‘I would like to thank you and your team for the time, assistance and hospitality shown to us during the audit of your facility’ ‘As stated in the closeout meeting, I was impressed by the Quality System that you have implemented and found that you were in a good state of GMP compliance. Please find attached the close out report for this audit. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you.’


‘Customer service personal is always pleasant’.


Thank you Bernadette, your quick turn around on this was much appreciated.’


‘Team ABS is amazing!!!!! Love your work!!! Thank you soooooo much!’.


‘Thanks for the follow up Kelly. The conference went well and the sachets arrived just in the nick of time. They are done just perfectly and it was well worth the considerable effort that went into getting them sorted. Many thanks to the team for their help and assistance’.


‘we received yesterday’s samples bright and early this morning, thank you once again for your assistance, ‘Team work’ worked really well!!’.


‘Thanks Debe, really appreciate the quick turnaround’.


‘…I know – AWESOME ABS!’.


‘Wow – thanks so much! That is amazing…. Love your work ABS!’.


‘Just wanted to let you know I received the [Product] in their blister packs yesterday. They are fabulous!! Thank you so so much!’.


‘Please pass on our thanks to the team for turning this job around so quickly (again)!’.


‘Thanks for organising the invoices so quickly and made us possible to ship on time’.


Great news! ABS rules!’.


‘Thank you all for your hard work with this last batch of [Product]. I am very happy to let you know that the batch packed Wednesday this week, was booked by Edgardo at 3.30pm yesterday (Wednesday) and was delivered to us in Brisbane at 10.30am this morning (Thursday) and we have already started shipping this stock to our customers this afternoon. I am grateful to you all for your help getting this order to us quickly and especially Khairullah for your help in navigating through the issues’.


Auditing an organisation and facility that is professional and mature in their knowledge of GMP, makes my task easier’.


‘I would like to send our appreciation to ABS for the efforts to quickly turn around the [Product]. This has been noted and appreciated by not only the GM at [Client] but recognised by the CEO of [End Customer]. Well done ABS!!’.


‘Shane and all of your team have done a wonderful job in getting this batch turned around so well. I’m sure they have filled you in on all of the happenings and I must say – 5 stars to them all for their positive approach to overcoming our issues. Please pass on my thanks to all of the team’.


‘thank you very much Khairullah… May I say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with someone as cooperative and as efficient as you.


I appreciate the speed with which we were able to turn this around’.


That is the best news ever !!!’.


‘You guys are legends!!’.


‘Thank you for the speedy turn-around of this rework’.


‘I would just like to extend an appreciation for all the efforts to launch [Product]. We received a note to book in the samples for the second batch today, therefore completing the packing of three orders. Well Done ABS.. your efforts certainly do not go unnoticed and we appreciate the focus on [Client]’s customers resulting in a positive customer experience’.


I would like to thank you for being professional and your hard work for our sub contract jobs. Our customer is quite satisfied your work, well done’.


‘WOW ! You guys are amazing! That will make a lot of people over here very happy!’.


Thank you very much for your assistance Lee! Please thank all the other ABS team member involved in helping us out’.


‘Bruce, Lovely talking to you and thank you for watching out for us and checking up on this one’.