• Multiple product bundles
  • Bottles
  • Cartons & packages
  • 2 for 1 promo packaging


  • Bundle more than one product together
  • Clear visibility
  • Rigidity for soft or loose components
  • Perforated film for ease of opening
  • Printable with graphics and other artwork

Shrink Wrapping

Protection and professional presentation utilising heat shrink film wrapping over either a single item or a bundle of items.

What is it

Shrink wrapping is a packaging method in which a thin plastic film is wrapped around an individual product or multiple products to form a bundle and then run through a heat tunnel that allows the special plastic film to shrink and hold the product in place.

How it works

Products are bundled together to your specification, covered with a film, then placed through a heat tunnel where heat is applied to form an elegantly presented shrink wrapped bundle.

When the plastic cools it shrinks and tightly wraps the bundle providing protection and clear visibility of the products bundled. Shrink wrapping can completely seal the product for retail, or it can be used for shipping as an inner carton replacement where products are bundled together, then placed in to a shipper carton.


For attaching promotional offers or multiple product packages, shrink wrapping is an efficient way to present and display the product which can also include a printed sleeve and/or keep products packed securely in the shipper box ready for distribution.