• Primary package items 
  • Tubes or Jars of cream
  • Sample gel packets
  • Blisters
  • Bottles
  • Cosmetics
  • Home care products
  • Personal care products


  • Better shelf presentation
  • Product information can be printed on external box
  • Leaflets or printed material can be inserted to accompany the product
  • Combined point-of-sales device
  • Tamper evident packaging

Secondary Packaging

Packaging one or more single items into an external packaging solution.

What is it

Any packaging which is secondary to the immediate product packaging. Generally, secondary packaging is used to bundle primary product packaging for delivery to the consumer or for retail point of sale purposes.

How it works

One example is where multiple foil blister packs are bundled into a printed unit carton, or a bottle of medicine which is presented in a cardboard box with a Consumer Medical Information leaflet.

Other examples could be where products bundled together in a 2 for 1 promotional pack, or multiple components are required to be bundled for an emergency aid pack. ABS can coordinate this for you.


The primary benefit of secondary packaging is presentation, whether it be for the delivery of multiple foil blisters or for retail point of sale presentation. Additionally, it enables the delivery of bulk product and accommodates advertising and printing of technical information.

It also allows for further processing of product already packaged in primary packing, in to Shelf Ready Packaging and Tamper Evident Packaging.