• Rebranding exercises
  • Guideline compliance
  • Mistake corrections


  • Correct misinformation
  • Gain TGA approval
  • Extend shelf life
  • Improve product visibility
  • Revitalise inventory

Repacking & Relabelling

Repacking or relabelling of a product due to unavoidable changes or variations to the product or it's circumstances.

What is it

A product may need to be repacked or labelled for many reasons including shelf life extension or packaging artwork has been changed and needs to be implemented immediately. There could be a change in the retail quantities or a change from non-tamperproof to tamperproof packaging.

How it works

We utilise both our expert staff and range of inhouse packaging solutions to repack or relabel your products quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get back to market as quickly as possible.


Repacking or relabelling can help avoid costly reprinting and production if a mistake occurs. Not only can it be useful to correct mistakes, it can be useful in rebranding or modifying a product for a specific marketing purpose.


Change your existing product line to keep up with consumer trends or marketing improvements.

Repackaging is a short term fix that will allow you to continue selling your existing product until new product artwork, materials or components are approved. ABS can produce or procure componets quickly and cost effectively.