• Doctor samples
  • Practitioner samples
  • Medicine samples
  • Vitamin samples
  • Giveaways and Promotions
  • Therapeutic and Non-therapeutic products
  • Cosmetics samples
  • Skin treatment samples
  • Fragrance samples
  • Bottle neck tags
  • Letter box drops
  • Product launches
  • Tradeshow giveaway items
  • Perfume samples


  • Individual branded packaging
  • Small quantity delivery to end user to trial product
  • Great marketing tool

Promotional Sampling

Packaging utilising various techniques to deliver small quantities of product, often samples.

What is it

Any packaging for individual doses or samples of product for the purpose of promotional sampling.

How it works

Promotional sampling is packaging to suit small or individual quantities of a product or group of products using a variety of packaging methods including foil blister, bottle filling, cold seal and secondary packaging methods.


The primary benefit of this packaging method is the delivery of small or individual samples of a product with relevant branding and product information printed on the package.