• Heat sensitive products
  • Highly creative concepts
  • High visibility requirements
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical devices
  • Electronic parts
  • Domestic appliances


  • High product visibility
  • Double sided blister
  • Single sided blister
  • Market differentiation
  • More printing options
  • No heat required to seal
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Simplified process
  • Fast turnaround

Cold Seal Packaging

Special adhesive coated printed board that seals with pressure only and does not require heat.

What it is

Cold Seal blister packaging is a combination of a pressure sensitive printed blister card and a transparent blister. The blister is trapped between two pieces of fully printed board that are sealed under specific pressure without using any heat. Together they form a beautiful, highly visible presentation of your product.

This is a great alternative to the standard heat sealed carded blister technology which requires a heated bonding process. The special adhesive used in Cold Seal makes it possible to seal the card without using any heat whatsoever needing only pressure to create a perfect seal.

How it works

Cold Seal blister packaging uses a combination of pressure sensitive printed blister card and and a transparent blister. The dual blister card has a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to it, which is then folded over to sandwich the blister. With specifc pressure alone, the adhesive bonds the card sealing the blister between it forming a highly presentable, highly visible product presentation. Only pressure is required to make a perfect seal!


The packaging process is very simple, very fast and considerably cost effective making it suitable for any range of packaging requirements, small or large.

Only pressure, no heat is required to perfectly seal the blister pack.

Full colour printing on back and front of card.

Unlike traditional heat seal, a huge range of printing methods are available in Cold Seal blister packs. Unconventional finishes such as holographic, metallic and cold foil laminates, UV Coated (including combination Gloss and Matt Spot), Celloglazing laminated or extra thick cardboard can be used for cold seal packaging. Even recycled board can be used. Embossing is also and option!