• Soft Gel Capsules
  • Coated/Uncoated Tablets
  • Non Prescription Medicines
  • Prescription Medicines
  • Natural or herbal remedies
  • Capsules
  • Lozenges
  • Vitamins
  • Gummies and other vitamin pastilles


  • Tamper evident closures
  • Child resistant closures
  • Additional security
  • Foil induction seal
  • Bulk/volume qty capacity
  • Damage resistant
  • High speed bottle line delivers faster turnaround times

Bottle Filling

Filling of glass or plastic bottle containers with solid dose products, with or without bottle labelling.

What is it

Bottle filling is simply filling glass or plastic bottles or jars with pharmaceutical or health related products.

Using the latest technology in solid dose counting, bottle packaging is a cost effective commonly used packaging solution for delivering larger quantities of a product to the consumer. Items which are consumed relatively quickly can be sold in value quantities.

How it works

As opposed to Foil blister sealing which intends to dispense individually sealed doses, bottle filling allows the dispensing of large volumes of individual doses in a value pack bottle.

Our state of the art counting machine accurately count each fill at high speed, allowing for high volume, high turnaround.


The benefit of bottle filling is obviously the large volumes delivered to the consumer. Although the doses are not individually protected, the bottle is generally manufactured from glass or plastic which serves to protect the product well from both damage and the environment, whilst delivering larger, cost effective volumes with tamper evident cap seals or child resistant closures.