Our world class facility improves quality and performance, delivering a packaging service that delivers accurately and on time.


Within recent years, ABS has expanded at a rapid rate. As a result, management made the exciting decision to design a purpose built production and storage facility to suit the needs of our clientele and fully comply with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations. Our facility is now located at Seven Hills, Sydney.

This video showcases our bottle filling lines.

This video showcases our bottle filling lines.


Clean rooms

  • Air quality system is Class 8 HVAC ISO 14644 2002, as per the Australian Standards. Three stage filtration, with HEPA filters being the final.
  • Air locks have been constructed to buffer the classified rooms from unclassified areas. 
  • Clean rooms have seamless floor coverings with coved edges. 
  • All primary packaging lines are segregated halfway allowing secondary packing to take place in a different environment.

Therapeutic secondary packaging

  • All Therapeutic secondary packaging is conducted in a classified area under strict GMP standards.

Non therapeutic packaging

  • Non therapeutic packaging is also conducted under strict GMP standards.


This video showcases our foil blister lines.

This video showcases our foil blister lines.


Our facility has a strong emphasis on security and safety. The primary warehouse has a secure access system to each area in the building. Using the latest RFID access control technology, each staff member only has restricted access and all visitor access is through reception accompanied by an authorised ABS employee at all times.

Our 1900 pallet storage capability is segregated into three access controlled warehouses. The monitored 24/7 temperature controlled area for therapeutic products which require strict storage conditions houses 500 pallets, while non-therapeutic goods and therapeutic packaging are warehoused separately.

Our undercover loading dock can accommodate semi-trailers including B-doubles. This is your assurance that goods will be loaded, unloaded and transferred to and from approved storage without compromising the integrity of your goods.


A Retention sample is a physical reference kept on record that can be used to verify the product and packaging at the time of production if a batch is ever questionable.

ABS complies with standard and regulation with mandatory Retention sampling of every batch produced and stores them in a temperature controlled and securely monitored environment.